Amazon Fresh coming to Sacramento (Citrus Heights)

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Re: Amazon Fresh coming to Sacramento (Citrus Heights)

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bryceleinan wrote: February 27th, 2021, 5:42 pm
I’ve always found it quite odd you have two chains (Raley’s and Save Mart) having a substantial presence in NorCal / Northern Nevada (and sharing Super Store Industries / Sunnyside Farms) being “frenemies” of sorts in the same market area. I’ve always thought someone should buy one or the other - Amazon makes sense, Kroger would be the other one.
They only kind of sort of share Sunnyside at this point. They sold the fluid milk and some other parts of that operation off to Producers. They kept the juice operation which produces a lot of branded juice, also kept ice cream, and some other things. That is why you see less and less Sunnyside at Raleys.

You have to go back to why SSI was created in the first place. First it was for the dairy in the 80's and there were other members besides Raleys and Save Mart (they had Bel Air which at the time wasn't owned by Raleys, also Scolaris used Sunnyside, and I think they had other members too but not sure). Both Lucky and Safeway had strong dairy plants in NorCal back then and these smaller chains needed a dairy operation to compete. But in the 90's the Sunnyside in Nevada was filled by Reno Dairy (Model Dairy) not the CA dairy. At some point in the 00's they terminated the filling arrangement with Reno Dairy (Model Dairy) and started to bring the Sunnyside product from CA into NV.

Then in around 1992 they formed the SSI for dry grocery and came up with the Sunny Select label and as a result Raleys quit using Fleming, Save Mart quit using Certified, but some of the other members (like Scolaris) who bought dairy did not join in on buying the dry goods from this group.

Recall Scolaris quit carrying Sunnyside dairy right when Save Mart entered Nevada. Albertsons in Nevada was filling milk from Reno Dairy (Model Dairy) and Save Mart terminated that contract, in turn the milk filling for Scolaris was taken by Reno Dairy (Model Dairy).

But the bigger thing was also Sunnyside/Sunny Select was sold by Food 4 Less in SoCal back in the mid 90's so that was a rather large account. Those items were identical packages but they were not distributed by Super Store Industries, they were distributed by "FFLS" with an address somewhere in SoCal. Sunny Select/Sunnyside disappeared from SoCal almost immediately after the Fred Meyer merger and was replaced with Heritage (old QFC private label) but in NorCal Kroger was still carrying a limited number of Sunnyside items in the Cala/Bell/FoodsCo locations right (never saw that stuff in the NorCal Ralphs) until they closed the last Cala and Bell whenever that was- I think it was in late 2011- at which point Sunnyside finally disappeared from FoodsCo.
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