Main & Vine closing in January

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Re: Main & Vine closing in January

Post by SamSpade » December 4th, 2017, 10:22 pm

The Fred Meyer has been ready to open for months, but local issues have caused the opening date to be pushed back a few times. ... 08541.html You can see in that story the News Tribune has linked to 3 previous stories about the store. Apparently winter reared its head so things had to wait for January?

Previously, they tried to get the city to allow them to ... gig-harbor build a store of 100,000 sf in the same location and they wouldn't allow the expansion. With all the changes in FM lately, I suppose it's probably not a huge loss.

As for Main & Vine, it kind of reminded me of New Seasons but not quite executed as well. NSM is actively expanding into Puget Sound and PCC Natural Markets is reinventing itself as well.
Here was my experience last year -
(my non-grocery curious S.O): The first question from them was "Oh, I really like this noodle bowl sauce, they should add it back home" and before that "this looks just like Fred Meyer, what's different?" The store does kind of have some of the same elements of the newest Fred Meyer remodels (higher-level service departmehts, large prepared foods deli area)... I had a nice enough pre-tossed salad and there are several self checkouts. When we were there the store was moderately busy (April?). I thought the store felt/looked like someone copying New Seasons Market.

I was very disappointed after an experience. Wanting to buy an orange and randomly seeing a produce smith asking if I needed help, I asked about picking out the orange. She ended up helping me pick out the worst orange I've had in some time - very grainy / mealy and not juicy at all and honestly well below the typical find at higher-end Pacific Northwest grocers. I ended up discarding it after opening it the next day.

The larger QFC here in Portland was making personal pizzas for a time but is now doing the (trendy?) Roman style and only selling over-priced slices. I don't really see anything else worked in from Main & Vine in the Portland area, yet. The new Starbucks in many Fred Meyer and Smith's Marketplace stores look similar to the coffee & beer bar in Main & Vine but also just follow Starbucks current looks. When I was in Utah, a Smith's Marketplace had Asian food but it was more like Safeway's Chinese bar, rather than a ramen and stir fry noodle bar.

Edit: I remembered that many of our area Fred Meyer stores have added the frozen foods "skillet meal" section where you can mix and match at $5.99/lb. They are in a frozen case near most meat & seafood departments and generally offering samples every weekend.

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