Walgreens Integration of Rite Aid

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Walgreens Integration of Rite Aid

Post by storewanderer » December 20th, 2016, 10:24 pm

This looked like a good split off topic to discuss the integration of Rite Aid into Walgreens. A lot of questions that are unknowns at this point:

1. What happens to Thrifty Ice Cream?
2. What happens to the various Rite Aid private labels?
3. What happens to the loyalty card program?
4. What happens to the Rite Aid banner?

Regarding the sale of Rite Aid Stores to Fred's (maybe this needs to be split into a third topic?):

1. What happens to markets that have Rite Aid stores sold to Fred's and Rite Aid stores that continue Walgreens ownership? Do they still run the same ad?
2. Who is controlling merchandising, pricing, distribution, advertising, etc. for the Rite Aid stores sold to Fred's?
3. Will Fred's remodel the acquired stores or just change signs and be done?

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