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Post by storewanderer » January 9th, 2019, 10:49 pm

Andrew T. wrote:
January 9th, 2019, 6:38 pm
Back when I lived in Madison WI, there were two Five Guys locations at my disposal. One was a downtown restaurant housed in an old building on the State Street pedestrian strip, with plenty of aesthetic charm and brisk foot traffic from the university. It was good. The other restaurant was housed in a generic building adjacent to a suburban power centre. It was...not good. This location had no aesthetic appeal and seemed completely incongruous. Every time I stepped inside, it was blasting shrill, ear-splitting music at such a loud volume that it made me want to turn around and leave. And the food quality was a notch down, too.

What about the food? The burgers were delicious (at least at the "good" location), I liked how each one was made exactly the way the customer wanted it, and I liked how I wasn't obligated to pay for cheese (I hate cheeseburgers, and avoid chains like Wendy's that smother cheese over everything by default). The fries on the other hand were absolutely awful, and I only tried them once...which was just as well, since the burger alone was enough to fill my gut and empty my wallet.
You bring up an interesting point about the "mandatory" cheese charge as seen at most of the major fast food chains now. Some years ago they all got the bright idea to list on the menu the price "with cheese." For years you could order without cheese at a lower cost but over time that seemed to fade away and then it turned into a situation where the no cheese customers paid the with cheese price.

It does seem like value burgers are exempt from this; for instance Wendy's at least in my area still has a Jr. Hamburger at a .89 or .99 price point then the Jr. Cheeseburger at a 1.09-1.29 price point. But when you move up to the Single it is only sold "with cheese."

Habit and In N Out have a different price with cheese and without cheese too.

I've also played around some with the McDonald's app and have noticed some locations have a "Quarter Pounder" listed at a lower price point in addition to the "Quarter Pounder with Cheese" but most do not.

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