A Quick Sidebar for the New Members

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A Quick Sidebar for the New Members

Post by submariner »

Hi and welcome aboard. We're glad you're here and hope you have a lot to add.

Please keep a few things in mind while you get used to the way this board works. These will help you be taken more seriously and will make everyone's life much easier:

1. Slow down. Consider lurking a bit before posting, just to get the feel of the board. If you make twenty posts on your first day, you will probably be viewed somewhat warily, by me and by your fellow posters.

2. Read the rules. If a large proportion of your initial posts are off-topic or in incorrect forums, you may find yourself banned before you even get your feet wet. Read EVERYTHING in the Rules, Tips, and Site News section before posting. Also read the individual forum rules posted at the top of each forum.

3. Use the "Search" function. Don't start new threads until you see what's already been posted on your subject. If an appropriate thread exists, reply to it rather than starting a new one.

4. Remember to carry on personal conversations off the board. Post only things that will be of general interest. Don't address your posts to one specific user; it's annoying and just a little rude. If it's meant for everyone to read, there's no need to specify a recipient. If it's NOT meant for everyone to read, it shouldn't be on the board anyway.

Hopefully, these guidelines will result in a happier and more popular you. See, don't you feel better already?
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