Safeway closing its Jantzen Beach (Portland, OR) Superstore

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Safeway closing its Jantzen Beach (Portland, OR) Superstore

Post by SamSpade » May 6th, 2018, 10:28 pm

Of course, Safeway doesn't operate "marketplace" stores anymore, but this store was quite the big deal in 1989 when it opened.
Some of these things made their way through the grocery chain and even appear in hypermarkets (supercenters) and even discount format stores today.
The Oregonian December 14, 1989
Sushi in a supermarket?

In Portland?

It's available, for those who have a taste for raw fish, cold rice and seaweed, at the newest Safeway store at Jantzen Beach.

But that's not all. The store, which opens Saturday, also offers freshly prepared Chinese food, ready-to-eat entrees, a fresh pasta bar, a breakfast bar, soup, salad and sandwich bars, a baked potato bar, an espresso bar and even a taco bar.

Those are in addition to the expanded bakery and produce departments, the juice bar and the barbecue pit.

The store, which embodies a national trend to expanding specialty services in the face of fierce competition from discount chains and other retailers, also has a video department, a post office and a bank branch.

It also has motorized carts for handicapped shoppers, courtesy telephones and a ``kiddie corner'' where children can watch cartoons while their parents shop.
Fero said the new store will have about 200 employees, compared to about 35 in the old Jantzen Beach store
At closing this store had around 75 employees according to published reports.
But about 15,000 square feet -- nearly half of the selling space -- is devoted to fresh produce and freshly prepared foods, according to Wayne G. Fero, retail operations manager for Safeway Stores Inc.'s Portland Division, which includes 101 stores in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

. . .58,100 gross square feet, is the fourth and largest of the chain's new ``Marketplace'' stores, which offer expanded services and departments.

The first of the new wave of Safeway stores opened in May in the Sunset Esplanade in Hillsboro. That was followed by a smaller store that opened in October in Southeast Portland. The third store, which opened Nov. 29 in Eugene, is only 100 square feet smaller than the new Jantzen Beach store.
Did Sunset Esplanade's Safeway shrink or relocate in the center after 1989? It does not have nearly the space to accommodate any of these things today. It also does *not* have a lifestyle remodel, although the interior department signs are the ones Safeway used just before Lifestyle that are similar looking (food in ovals, etc).

I'm guessing the southeast Portland store mentioned may be the store at Powell Blvd and Highland Drive in what is now officially Gresham. It is a large store and now has a Lifestyle remodel, but retains the older sign including the neon like Jantzen Beach.

1990 openings included:
Northeast 181st Avenue and Halsey Street (Halsey Crossing), now closed. After Albertsons buyout. Store never remodeled after opening I don't think based on visiting.

Tanasbourne Village (then Tanasbourne Mall) in Hillsboro

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Re: Safeway closing its Jantzen Beach (Portland, OR) Superstore

Post by babs » May 7th, 2018, 9:30 am

The Sunset Esplanade store is still in the same location it's always been. It was never as larger as the Jantzen Beach store. It only opened around the same time but was nowhere near as large or extensive.

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Re: Safeway closing its Jantzen Beach (Portland, OR) Superstore

Post by eric1972sea » May 16th, 2018, 8:29 am

Not surprised there’s not much housing near that Safeway and when they replace the I-5 bridge eventually it might be in the way if they need more space.

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