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Crews Demo Former Haggen/Albertsons/Lucky Long Beach

Posted: October 3rd, 2019, 11:55 pm
by CalItalian
I'd bet it is going to become a new Amazon market not Whole Foods. There is already a Whole Foods not far away to the west of this store location. They have applied for a liquor license so it will be a market.

BTW, the former Haggen/Albertsons/Grocery Warehouse and many other previous now defunct supermarket chains in West Los Angeles is for lease again (per signs on the store). SnapChat was using it to host their servers the last couple of years but has now moved out. Funny because they applied for permits initially as an art gallery. A developer supposedly filed plans to build 409 apartments in a 7 story building on the property but I haven't heard any thing new this year.

And the Redondo Beach Haggen/Albertsons/Lucky finally did reopen as Grocery Outlet/CVS which many residents didn't want. ... oming-next