Susanville, CA CA State Prision Closing - Retail Impact

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Susanville, CA CA State Prision Closing - Retail Impact

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This is interesting. 1,000 people are employed at this prison and the population of Susanville is around 15,000. I have to think this closure is going to cause a material decline in the population of Susanville.

It will be interesting to see how this impacts:
Safeway - large high volume store
IGA - small high volume store
Wal Mart - old Division 1 store- limited groceries- has traffic
Grocery Outlet - has been there forever, usually looks pretty deserted

Other chain stores there include:
Walgreens - very low volume store, not sure how it stays open
Rite Aid - moderate volume new build relocated store from a few years ago
Ross - ?
Marshalls - new store in the old strip mall Rite Aid space, does little business
Tractor Supply
Dollar General
Dollar Tree
Big 5

Beyond other topics we could discuss about this which are off topic here, so will not go there, I am just interested in seeing how this closure and the significant job losses will impact the retail situation in Susanville.
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