Ridleys Family Markets to close west close store.

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Ridleys Family Markets to close west close store.

Post by wyoretailman » April 13th, 2019, 2:49 pm

Hi there

It has recently been reported that Ridleys Family Markets is going to close its CY Avenue location in Casper, WY.


Looks, as though they keeping open the liquor store and even expanding it. Overheard someone while on my lunch break from a completing grocery store talk about this. I need to drive by to see what they are doing or have done.

This store even, as a Safeway was outdated (mid-90s decor) and much in need of an update. I did, however, hear about them replacing this store with one located to south and west in the new Mesa subdivision. That was of course before Albertsons bought out Safeway and in turn sold the two Safeway locations here in town.

On a few occasions, I noticed a hotel bell on the one open check-stand that customers would use to call for service when they were ready to be checked out. The cashier was often working in an aisle near the check-outs.

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Re: Ridleys Family Markets to close west close store.

Post by storewanderer » April 13th, 2019, 10:11 pm

This was probably an underperforming Safeway too. It is interesting they opted to sell the pharmacy records rather than send those over to the other Ridley's... it is also interesting they even kept it going this long...

From my observation Ridley's usually remodels stores when they take them over. They did a light (wall) remodel on the Harmon's they bought in Ogden and they did a pretty deep remodel on the Raley's they bought in Winnemucca. But both of those stores had Ace added in by Ridley's so that may be part of what prompted the remodels.

Ridley's also appears to be closing or has already closed its Orem, UT stores. These two were Utah Albertsons not sold to Associated, but then Supervalu sold them to Ridleys. Also it appears the one in Highland, UT is being sold to Associated and will re-banner as Maceys...

https://www.cougarboard.com/board/messa ... d=21376287

https://www.theshelbyreport.com/2019/03 ... ly-market/


Now I understand why Ridley's didn't come up as a buyer of the Scolaris that got sold off here in Nevada. They would have been a much better fit for Tonopah, Yerington, and Fernley than Raley's is who is struggling in those towns. People miss Scolaris and Scolaris was not particularly well liked.

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