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New Seasons Expanding in Seattle

Posted: September 29th, 2017, 6:30 pm
by SamSpade ... l-district
They are opening an 18,000 square foot store in the Central District near the corner of 23rd and Union in a mixed use development (2220 E Union Ave). This is about the same size as the current Hawthorne store at 17,000 square feet and is exactly the same size as the Woodstock store at 18,000 square feet..

I think it would have been nice to see a grocer a little farther south, but I'm sure the economic data points to locating as far north in the Central District as possible (and this was an available site). This is walking distance to a Thriftway turned Grocery Outlet, the Capitol Hill location of Trader Joes (13,500sf), Central Co-Op, and (a 2004 lifestyle) Safeway, which is also the anchor to a mixed-used development at 23rd and Madison.