Grocery chains in your area

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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by storewanderer » January 8th, 2010, 9:02 pm

Northern Nevada has:

(Reno/Sparks/Carson City/Fernley/Dayton/Fallon/Gardnerville)

Wal Mart Supercenters (8 stores)
Scolaris (13 stores -3 of which operate as Sak N Save)
Save Mart (9 stores)
Raleys (10 stores)
Smiths (6 stores)
Safeway (4 stores)
Winco (2 stores)
King Ranch Hispanic (1 store)
Whole Foods (1 store)
Trader Joes (2 stores)
Grocery Outlet (3 stores)

On the drugstore front:
Walgreens (12 stores)
CVS (19 stores) (4 former Sav-On Stores, 3 new construction CVS Stores, 12 former Longs of which 5 are former Rite Aids)
Rite AId (1 store)

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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by Super S » January 9th, 2010, 10:32 am

In Portland & Southwest Washington:

The major players:

Safeway, which has had a longtime presence in the region, and is updating many of their stores.

Albertsons, which has also had a longtime presence but is neglecting a lot of their stores, and closing some.

WinCo, which is a growing chain and is adding new stores in the region.

Fred Meyer, a chain that started in Portland and is now owned by Kroger, which has been aggressively remodeling many of their stores.

QFC, a more upscale chain also owned by Kroger, which has actually closed a few Portland/Vancouver locations.

Haggen/TOP Foods. TOP closed their Kelso location in the early 2000's (now Safeway) and has no other presence in Southwest Washington. At least one Haggen store in Portland has closed.

Walmart, which is building two new supercenters but still has a relatively small presence in the region.

Costco, which is adding a few locations and just replaced a store in Warrenton, Oregon

The smaller players:

Target, which has expanded their grocery offerings but does not have a full-line grocery selection in this area.

Food 4 Less, with a couple stores in the Portland area, and I believe not affiliated with Kroger.

Thriftway, a regional chain of mostly independent stores that seems to be shrinking in size. The remaining ones are in smaller towns.

IGA, which is found in many smaller towns.

Grocery Outlet

Save A lot, which has a few stores in Portland/Vancouver

There may be a few others scattered about the region but I am not familiar with them.

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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by submariner » January 9th, 2010, 11:10 am

Super S wrote: Food 4 Less, with a couple stores in the Portland area, and I believe not affiliated with Kroger.
It looks like they're franchisees of the F4L name:

From,_Foods_Co. :
There are other stores scattered throughout the United States with the Food 4 Less name, part of franchise agreements with various wholesalers ... These stores have particular penetration in Oregon and central and northern California.
Interestingly, it says Kroger operates Food4Less stores in Illinois, Indiana and Nebraska (in addition to the California and Nevada stores). I've not heard of them so far east...

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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by krogerclerk » January 9th, 2010, 1:13 pm

Kroger has the rights to the Food 4 Less name in SoCal and Vegas, and uses FoodsCo in Central and NorCal where other chains have the F4L franchise. The sole Nebraska location is in the Omaha area, part of the Baker's chain which was once part of Fleming. F4L is used by Kroger in Chicagoland since the ABS/SVU merger resulted in #3 ranked Cub Foods being sold and closed because of FTC concerns over SVU becoming the owner of the market leader, Jewel Osco. One F4L is in Gary, IN and the remainders are in Illinois.

The primary purpose of Kroger opening F4L in Chicago appears to be to test the waters for a market return. Safeway has slashed the number of #2 Dominck's store counts in the region and the gap between Jewel and Dominick's has widened, leaving Jewel clearly ahead . Dominicks was on Jewels heels at the time of SWY's acquisitions. Since SVU aquired ABS, the consistency of the Jewel operations are faltering. Kroger backed out of the deal to buy Dominick's after the Safeway refused to remove the distribution center from the deal, as KR wanted to distribute from Indianapolis to Chicago. It now appears SVU is raising prices, cutting services, eliminated local brands and lowering quality at Jewel the way the SWY did with Dominick's, so the regions leading grocer could be falling into the same decline that has plagued Dominick's since SWY came in.
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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by storewanderer » January 9th, 2010, 3:00 pm

The F4L Stores in IL and IN seem to be part of the SoCal F4L Division but supplied by the Kroger Central Division. The stores look and function like the SoCal Stores but the merchandising looks a lot more similar to a Kroger Central Store; they may have more product variety than the typical F4L on the west coast does.

The stores I saw in Chicago were in horrible neighborhoods that appeared underserved and not very safe. I only went into one store, which was pretty close to Midway, but saw a couple others while driving around that did not appear safe enough to stop at.

I don't know if these F4L Stores are competing very directly against any Dominicks Stores; maybe they go against some Jewel Stores. Jewel appears to operate on the borders of some rough areas but not in the heart of them as F4L in Chicago does.

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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by Groceteria » January 9th, 2010, 3:43 pm

North Carolina Piedmont Triad:

Majors: Harris-Teeter (upscale), Food Lion (mid-range with scattered Bottom Dollar "warehouse" locations), Lowes Foods (mid-range but wants to be upscale), Wal-Mart Supercenter

Niche Players: The Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Compare Foods (Hispanic)

I probably shop at Food Lion most often, followed by HT, but that's somehwat more about proximity than a specific preference.

Pittsburgh Area:

Giant Eagle, Shop & Save, Kuhn's, Foodland, Wal-Mart Supercenter, Whole Foods

There's a Shop & Save a blocl from my house in PGH, so I'm there a lot, but I really prefer GIant Eagle. Even more often, though, I stock up at Kroger in West Virginia on the way up.

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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by Kroger472 » January 10th, 2010, 9:53 pm

FYI, Kroger Central does indeed supply F4L in Chi-town, I go to school just south of the midway area store and it's in a rough-lite area of town. I have seen the Kroger trucks, so I can verify this.

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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by dcpeachy » January 11th, 2010, 5:44 pm

Albuquerque (just within the city, not including the suburbs and adjoining counties):
--Wal Mart Supercenter/Wal Mart (1 regular store in a strip with Smith's, 7 Supercenters, 2 neighborhood markets)
--Smith's (around a dozen stores--some former Furr's/Safeway stores)
--Albertson's (around a dozen stores--combination of Lucky, Albertson's, and Raley's/Albertson's/Furr's stores)
--Sunflower Markets (out of Boulder, CO, 3 stores with plans for a 4th in a former Wild Oats)
--Costco (3 stores)
--Sam's Club (3 stores)
--Whole Foods (2 stores--1 a former Wild Oats)
--Trader Joe's (2 stores)
--Lowe's Foods (at least 2 stores)
--John Brooks (a few stores)
--Fair-N-Square (1 store local--former Safeway)
--Pro's Ranch Market (1 store)
--99 Banh (1 store Asian grocery)
--Ta Lin International Food Fair (1 store Asian/international large format grocery and wholesale)

And probably a few other small places, limited assortment, ethnic specialty stores, and so forth.
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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by wnetmacman » January 17th, 2010, 7:08 pm

Louisiana -

Kroger (4 stores: one greenhouse, one superstore, one acquisition and one Signature)
Brookshire's (7 stores)
Super 1 Foods (4 stores, owned by Brookshire)
County Market (3 stores, including one former Kroger greenhouse)
Walmart (5 supercenters)
Albertsons (LLC, 2 stores)
SuperTarget (1 store)
Piggly Wiggly, A&P and Safeway had significant presences here. All are now gone.

Kroger (1 signature)
Super 1 Foods (2 stores, including the original in Alexandria)
Walmart (3 supercenters)
Albertsons (LLC, 1 store)
A&P had a significant presence here, as did Piggly Wiggly. Kmart had a supercenter here. When it closed, there was an article in the paper that stated the supercenter's sales were the same as the retail store; thus the store actually lost business. This store closed before the others.

Lake Charles/Sulphur:
Kroger (4 stores: one greenhouse, one 80's store, one former Albertsons and one Family Center)
Albertsons (2 stores remaining)
Walmart (3 stores)
Market Basket TX (5 stores)
Brookshire Bros. (1 store)

Lafayette/Acadiana (Acadiana is the 9 parish section immediately around Lafayette):
Albertsons (5 stores)
Winn Dixie (2 stores in Lafayette, one each in Crowley, Rayne, New Iberia, Eunice and Breaux Bridge)
Walmart (10 Supercenters: 4 in Lafayette and one each in Crowley, New Iberia, Eunice, Breaux Bridge, Abbeville and Opelousas)
Super 1 Foods (2 stores in Lafayette and one each in New Iberia, Eunice, Opelousas and Abbeville. Opelousas is a former Winn-Dixie; Eunice and Abbeville are former Delchamps; New Iberia is a former Woolco/Walmart, and one Lafayette store is in a former Kmart.)
Piggly Wiggly (4 stores in Lafayette)
SuperTarget (1 store)
Kroger, A&P and National each had presences here, with Kroger Family Centers in Lafayette, New Iberia, and Morgan City. Kmart had a supercenter here.

Baton Rouge:
Winn Dixie (6 stores)
Albertsons (LLC, 7 stores, plus one in Hammond and one in Mandeville)
Piggly Wiggly (6 stores)
Walmart (10 stores in East Baton Rouge Parish alone, 3 Neighborhood Markets and 7 Supercenters)
SuperTarget (2 stores)
A&P closed its final two stores here in 2006. Kmart had a supercenter here.

Greater New Orleans:
Walmart (10 stores, 2 Neighborhood Markets and 8 Supercenters)
Winn Dixie (25 stores in communities around Lake Pontchartrain)
Numerous Independants surround New Orleans. A&P and National/Canal Villere/Real Superstore had their divisions close here in the last 15 years. Schwegmann Giant Supermarkets closed in 1999. Albertsons left in 2004.

Brookshires (4 stores)
Super 1 Foods (2 stores)
Walmart (2 stores)
Albertsons left here in the last year. Kmart had a supercenter here. Safeway had a significant presence here until 1987.

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Re: Grocery chains in your area

Post by DerangedHermit » January 21st, 2010, 1:33 pm

Long Island:

Big Four:
Stop & Shop
King Kullen

Stop & Shop is the new kid in town, relatively speaking. They bought some Foodtown and Grand Union locations, but have mostly chosen to build new.

A&P owns Pathmark as well as Waldbaum's. Their decision to buy Pathmark is really mindboggling. They've only managed to lose more and more money since acquiring them. Are they trying to kill themselves in the only markets that they still exist in? They have the biggest presence on Long Island, but anybody who knows A&P knows that it doesn't mean anything.

Other players:
Best Yet Market
Compare Foods
Giunta's Meat Farms

I have no doubt Shoprite would be in the top tier of supermarkets on Long Island if they didn't have so few stores. They have only 5 stores, a far cry from their massive presence in the northern limits of the NYC metro, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Wild by Nature (owned by King Kullen)
Trader Joe's
Whole Foods (not much of a presence, with only two locations as of right now - Lake Grove is opening in a few months)
Uncle Giuseppe's
Fairway (only one location)

Typical big box retailers:
Sam's Club (only one location AFAIK on LI)

Target and Walmart have no supercenters on Long Island, though.

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