Stores Returning to Regular Hours

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Re: Stores Returning to Regular Hours

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Bagels wrote: November 8th, 2020, 11:14 am Surprisingly, most Ralphs have returned to their pre-COVID operating hours (opening at 5AM/6AM, closing at 12AM/1AM; some stores in/near LA stay open later). Heck, even the stores near me that closed at 12AM prior to COVID have been extended to 1AM. I had envisioned that midnight would become the new norm, so I'm humbling surprised. Is Southern California the first Kroger division to return to regular operating hours?

Albertsons/VONS have standardized their store operating hours at 6AM-11PM (there may be a few exceptions). Previously, stores near me closed between 10PM-3AM. This appears to be a permanent change, as they've updated their store signage.
Smiths is 7 AM to 11 PM and from what I am hearing it is unclear if that is the new standard or they will eventually go back to 24 hours or 6 AM to Midnight. Those are roughly the standard Fred Meyer hours and have been for decades now (the 7 AM to 11 PM) as well but there are some exceptions to that for Fred Meyer on the OR Coast (earlier closing times).

Safeway NorCal where the majority of stores were previously 24 hours is all over the place on hours but slowly has been expanding hours across the board, a select few stores are 24 hours, another select few are 5 AM to 2 AM, but most are 5 AM to 11 PM, 6 AM to 11 PM, etc.

Raleys has not touched store hours at all at the Raleys Stores which close at 10 or 11, except for a few days when city curfews came up. They did reduce hours at the Food Source but those are back to normal now I think.

Save Mart cut hours at the Save Marts to 6 AM to 10 PM (the ones that didn't already have those hours; most were 11 PM or Midnight closures around here but a couple were 10 PM to begin with), kept Food Maxx the same (closes at Midnight) but then advertises they are open an hour earlier or an hour later than posted hours for "first responders" - not sure how that works exactly.

I am waiting to see how Target handles holiday hours. I noticed one low volume Target near me closes at 9 on Sunday and 10 other nights. I thought before it closed at 10 every night (like the other Targets) but maybe I did not notice. Target had previously before COVID increased its hours on Friday/Saturday to 11 PM or Midnight.

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Re: Stores Returning to Regular Hours

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Walmart and Walmart Neighborhood Market stores will switch to 7 AM to 11 PM November 14. This does not affect stores with more reduced hours such as stores in riot areas.

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