Forever 21 Bankruptcy

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Re: Forever 21 Bankruptcy

Post by pseudo3d »

Apparently said Galleria store is already locked out from not paying $100k in rent!

I'm betting the larger stores will go first, putting the Mervyn's stores back on the market along with soon-to-be-empty JCPenney and Sears stores.

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Re: Forever 21 Bankruptcy

Post by storewanderer »

One of the locations in Reno is closing. It opened about a year ago. Tomorrow is actually the last day. Some random clothes left today 95% off. Did not appear to be moving too well.

They had a lot of nearly new fixtures/shelves/racks in this store (it never had any traffic and was a nicely done store) which were selling very cheaply today. This was not the usual bashed up stuff you see in a closing store- this was lightly used and in some cases brand new unused stuff. They were also selling hangers for 5 cents each- Forever 21 Hangers are quite good, definitely worth 5 cents each.

They had been trying to get $75-$100 for clothing racks but were more generous today at $15-$20 for those racks.

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