Target & Other Store Temporary Closures

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Re: Target & Other Store Temporary Closures

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Target was one of the stores I went into here tonight, nothing out of the ordinary going on at all. Both entrances were open. The place was almost deserted of customers (7 PM), 3 cashiers just standing around up front bored. Appeared they are open until 10 PM.
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Re: Target & Other Store Temporary Closures

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Breaking news: Tonight a Walmart was looted: 50 people were seen looting and fleeing a Walmart store in San Leandro, California. This was not the one that was looted and burned earlier this year. This one is the store on the other side of the city. The looters are on the move.

The Big 5 Sporting Goods store across the street was looted of guns and ammunition. Bullets were seen on the ground in front of the store and there was at least one gun dropped and left behind. I think it is really stupid to have guns that are not secured. What kind of a store has guns in a glass case? I am glad that I decided not to drive by that store tonight. I usually pass by those stores on my way home or to get gas. I took the other street through San Leandro.

The police should think about protecting gun selling businesses. If those guns get stolen, those guns will be used against the police sooner or later.

A short time later a marijuana grow warehouse in nearby Oakland was attacked by a large group of people armed with guns. Three police officers were struck by vehicles and injured. This led to one suspect getting shot and killed by police. Dozens were arrested and 9 firearms were recovered.

The stores need to have more than plywood to keep the looters out. They need rolling garage style steel doors.

In other news, I do not know what is going on but tonight was not a good night. I was driving through downtown San Leandro tonight and looters of a liquor store ran in front of my car and almost got killed.

Then later in another city a car ran a red light and nearly killed me. I barely managed to stop in time. My car lightly bumped the escaping vehicle. I suffered no damage to my car. Perhaps the car was filled with looters. They were in a hurry and drove off. Then I drove by a fast food restaurant a few hundred feet away and a police car was in the drive thru getting food. He must have seen the car going way past the speed limit down the street. Apparently, when you are at lunch, pulling over speeding cars is not a priority.

With these Walmart lootings, we may see Walmart switch back to closing at 8:30 PM. The stores were mostly empty after dark. Everyone is afraid of potential riots.
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