Circle K acquiring "Corner Store"

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Re: Circle K acquiring "Corner Store"

Post by pseudo3d » August 20th, 2018, 6:08 am

An acquaintance of mine took a picture of a converted store in San Antonio, where Circle K is focusing on converting before Houston. The picture showed more of a co-branded Valero/Circle K (with the Circle K name taking more prominence on roadside signage), and not only the Circle K signage but new Valero signage as Valero has recently updated its logo. It looks pretty nice as far as Circle K stores go (though I still don't like the new Circle K signage). I'm guessing this is partially because Valero is based in San Antonio, but I wonder how they'll still convert when it comes to older stores, non-Valero stations, or when they start running out of money. One of the closest Corner Store locations to me is from an old mid-1980s 7-Eleven with a mansard roof and aluminum siding. :o

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Re: Circle K acquiring "Corner Store"

Post by cjd » August 26th, 2018, 1:23 pm

Don't have any Valeros in my immediate area. I've found the Circle K stores here, seem to be clean and good service at any I have been to. One out of town I used to stop at always looked nice inside, clean restroom, etc. They don't tend to offer much in the way of hot foods here, mostly just hot dogs, and maybe breakfast sandwiches, and the .69 Polar Pops. They have a pretty good selection of convenience store stuff, but I rarely buy anything at a gas station unless I'm really thirsty.

None of the CIrcle Ks in my area have gotten the new signage, although I do like the retro look a bit. In fact, the Shell branded Circle Ks here haven't even replaced their damaged signage since Hurricane Irma last year. One says "Shel" on the canopy, another says "hell" and there are sections of the canopy sides still missing. I guess they don't want to have to interrupt the gas pumps and lose money to fix it.

The nicest stations in my area I'd say go to Racetrak, newer, very nice open stores inside, feels more like a grocery store in a way, and Gate would be a close second with Circle K coming in about the same. But almost any seem better than the old Shell "Farm Stores", those were always bad, even in the 90s. I wouldn't even buy gas there using pay at the pump when they were still open a few years back. I think they are finally all gone now.

Only been to one 7-11 and it was a bit iffy, but I think that had more to do with the area than the brand itself.

Usually I either use Shell or Murphy near Walmart, or RaceWay in a pinch. I rarely use the Sunoco near my house unless I really need gas, as it's more expensive. If I need to pick up a few things I go to the Dollar General too as it's cheaper than the gas station.

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