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Re: Sprint Closures

Posted: August 10th, 2019, 6:42 pm
by Alpha8472
There are a ton of Sprint stores that are completely empty of customers. I always wondered how they even stay in business. I always see one employee sitting there looking like they hate their life.

There is also a Sprint guy at my local Walmart. He does absolutely nothing but stand there. Does he get paid to do nothing or does he only make money by what he sells?

Sometimes I see some AT&T stores in obscure strip malls and I wonder how they even make enough money to stay in business.

Large shopping mall cell stores are a different story. I always see them filled with tons of employees. Sometimes they are busy, but other times there are more employees than customers so they do nothing but chat with each other.

Sprint has too many stores. They are all over the place and not in good locations. Some are former Radio Shacks and never did much business.