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"Kwik Trip"

Posted: November 9th, 2019, 12:50 am
by storewanderer
This Kwik Trip chain in Wisconsin is very interesting. They offer extensive fresh produce at very attractive prices. I got 3 apples for $1 (they had various including Ambrosia and Honeycrisp) and bananas only .29 per pound. Quality was excellent on all of it. They had some sort of deal going with onions, bell peppers, apples, oranges, and more "mix and match" 6 pieces for 2.99 (or you could have 3 apples or oranges for $1). Their promotion signs on their gas pumps advertised fresh produce.

When I went into the location, it had at least 6 employees on duty which was also odd for a convenience store. The store has 6 foot high shelves and a couple real narrow aisles. There is a large bakery case about 8 feet long with a very extensive and in depth assortment of single cookies, turnovers, cinnamon rolls, donuts and other items which quality wise I am not sure how they would be (did not try any). Their dairy area was also interesting with very low priced products and milk gallons on rolling racks in the cooler. They also had quite a bit of fresh meat for a convenience store (all prepackaged).