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HTTPS Security now active

Post by submariner »

Hello all,

Recently, Tapatalk sent a notification regarding Apple's requirement for apps to use HTTPS in all web communications:
Beginning January 1, 2017, Apple is requiring all apps to secure connections via HTTPS and certain other security requirements. These new requirements are called App Transport Security, or ATS. For more information, see TechCruch and/or Apple Developer

At least in the near term, Apple is expected to allow apps already approved in the App Store to remain there without being updated. However, as of Jan. 1 all new and revised apps submitted to Apple for approval will need to be ATS-compliant. To be ATS-Complaint, a sites must use HTTPS. Sites using HTTP will not be in compliance with ATS requirements. (So far, Google is not enforcing the HTTPS requirement for Android apps)
Being in the security field myself, I support this decision and we now have an SSL certificate onto the website. This helps protect you and I against many types of attacks. You should not see any change aside from a padlock icon in your browser to indicate the new layer of security.

I will also look to ensure that all HTTP requests get redirected to
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