Analyst: SEG will not be around in 5 years

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Re: Analyst: SEG will not be around in 5 years

Post by Knight »

The SE Grocers private label brand should be replacing all BI-LO and Winn-Dixie private label brands.

Southeastern Grocers has been updating a quantity of stores indeed. One wonders how Southeastern Grocers can afford update expenses post-bankruptcy.

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Re: Analyst: SEG will not be around in 5 years

Post by cjd »

The latest store updates aren't really all that extravagant. They mostly seem to be limited to new department and aisle signage, front signage, paint and new tile walls in the service departments. Other than the one at Cocoa Beach that had to have a total remodel due to hurricane Matthew, and a few other large scale remodels like the store in Hyde Park (which ironically closed about a year after the remodel), they aren't that expensive. These are not as in depth as the post bankruptcy remodels were (which were a welcome change after years of lukewarm to no updates), they are more along the lines of the early 2000s remodels, which were basically just a decor change and repaint to their untouched 80s neon stores, if not just a little step up.

Still, it's nice to see them trying to update, unlike other retailers that are in a similar position and do absolutely nothing to their stores for the most part. I just have my doubts that all of the managers and employees you see around in the grand reopening pictures will still be around greeting and helping everyone when it's back to business as usual. They just don't have the level of service that you can expect in most Publix stores. I'm sure there are WD stores that are the exception. It's not that they are rude or unhelpful, it's just that the attention to detail is not quite there, nor is the number of employees.

I guess the SEG brand isn't too unlike when Sweetbay had the Hannaford brand or Albertson's private labels, that didn't have the actual store in the name. Still, the packaging on deli or bakery items is so bland with the SEG label than when it was WD. The WD brand will have to stay on the meats, otherwise it's not The Beef People. And I've found some of the quality is just inconsistent. We bought two packages of cookies at the bakery there last week. One was pretty good, the others were hard as rocks. Of course, this kind of thing I have found does happen at Publix sometimes.

Some have had issues with SEG dairy items, such as milk or juices, although I haven't had any, it all has seemed fine to me, and I haven't had problems with souring before the dates, at least from the store we shop at. I never had issues with the WD branded ones either.

I do tend to avoid their prepackaged type store branded items because I find the quality is just not there. It's as if they use the lowest bidder when they spec them out. I even used to find this with Winn Dixie brand canned veggies. I would open them and find lots of water and little actual veggies, and they would be tough veggies too. I haven't had such things happen with Publix canned goods. Thus, I have more confidence buying those types of things at Publix.

To me Publix, wins as far as the deli department. You can't beat their famous subs, although they are expensive. I definitely prefer Publix's fried chicken to that of Winn Dixie, but I do find their rotisserie chicken to be quite good. Last week we got chicken tenders at WD also and I liked them much better than their regular fried chicken. I've never tried to get a sub at WD, but we have gotten the tailgate sandwiches and they seemed pretty qood quality as to the ingredients.

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