What about Shaw's?

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Re: What about Shaw's?

Post by pseudo3d » September 6th, 2016, 1:15 pm

mbz321 wrote:
storewanderer wrote:Acme seems to be the comeback kid. Being written off for years, it seems to have come back.

When I went to Acme, I did not think it was so bad. I was there when Safeway was closing Dominicks. To me, Acme seemed like a standard Albertsons. The stores were well stocked, clean, high priced, but did not seem staffed too well. They had some good specials (better than Supervalu was running out west at that time) and in general compared to A&P/Pathmark they were good. Compared to Giant-PA, they were really high priced. Acme at least had what appeared to be proper regional merchandising, unlike Genuardi's, which was merchandised in a California like manner.
Pricing is still a huge issue at Acme (as well as some other stupid decisions like removing Self-Checkouts which many customers became accustomed to). The weekly sales are pretty decent, but their regular pricing is still atrocious. I have seen things that are $1 or $2 less per item at Walmart, which has increased the number of Supercenters in Acme's operating area in the past several years. But I wouldn't even blame Walmart...as even Shoprite, Wegmans, and Giant's prices are generally lower, or with the case of ShopRite, offer more attractive loss leader sales. Going by several Yelp reviews for Acme's in former A&P's, many people actually wish for the A&P back!
I've also read some of the same, but to me the overall impression that it's either more of the same or slightly better. Most of the negative reviews seem to center around expired products, which is a result of store management. Remember, ACME kept all the employees, and it was these employees that led stores in a rapidly deteriorating company. Furthermore, in keeping with a POV that there's a significant contingent of Yelpers that are self-important jerks (I recently read a review on Yelp where the guy gave a Chinese takeout restaurant a bad review because they did not accept an expired coupon), I get the impression that the A&P ACME stores are better than the Yelp reviews read them to be.

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