Emails I get through the forum...

Not really announcements, but something the admins think about from time to time...
  • That email reminds me of a phone call I received early in my career. The bank I worked for shared its first three numbers with Marshall Field's department store. One day, the phone rang and when I answered this woman went off about the store, its credit card, the merchandise, the lack of parking, and the rude employees and how she was NEVER shopping there again. She concluded her rant by saying "what do you have to say about that?" I replied, "ma'am, this is [insert name of bank]. We don't concern ourselves with where you shop." She immediately hung up.
  • Calling the phone number on the back of the package usually involves a long hold time so maybe this was an easier option. Same net result is nothing will be done. However, maybe had they called, they could have gotten a refund. I called them a couple times last year to complain about poor quality products that I was not going to use and threw away, and request a refund be applied to my club card.
  • They can apply credit to your Club Card? Well, I learned something new today.
  • One day I get a call at home from what sounded like an elderly lady complaining about a tree "you guys" had planted improperly. I had no idea what she was talking about and asked her who she wanted to speak to. Her reply was "well isn't this so and so's Tree Farm." I told her no and hung up. Checked the phone number for that business and saw it was very similar to mine. Just a minor annoyance and really no big deal.
  • Here's a new one. I'm not sure where he got the idea I was a Kmart distributor... I hope he gets his pants.
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