CVS Store Closure Sparks, NV

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Re: CVS Store Closure Sparks, NV

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rwsandiego wrote: June 16th, 2021, 8:46 pm One of the three (3!!) CVSs in the Point Loma area of San Diego (a former Long's) was split between a Grocery Outlet and CVS. If memory serves, that store started as a Ralphs before becoming a Long's. It's at the intersection of West Point Loma Drive, Midway Drive, and Sports Arena Blvd. It was trashy as a Longs. The second one was a trashy SavOn (Midway Drive and Rosecrans). When it was remodeled CVS closed on entrance but did a terrible job painting over the glass door. From the Google Maps pics it seems it has been remodeled again. This time the front is papered over with CVS signage. It looks a LOT better. The third one was just south of this one on Rosecrans. Looks like it has closed.

One thing I'll say for CVS is they eliminated the ridiculously high prices Longs used to charge at the Horton Plaza mini-store. The first year I lived in downtown San Diego that was the only drugstore and they charged much higher prices than any other Longs. CVS aligned the prices with other CVSs.
I remember that Longs Horton Plaza was always excluded from Longs ads.

CVS has quite a few different price scales going on... there are only two price scales in my area at this time. At one time there were at least 4 different price scales. It did seem like the stores in the worst neighborhoods had the lowest price scales.
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