Now they shoplift right off the train...

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Re: Now they shoplift right off the train...

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Railway police are an interesting breed---spread very thinly, they rely a LOT on local assistance. In my former life I interacted with a couple guys from Grand Trunk--they did a LOT of PR work both out in the community and within the First Responder community. The GT is the eastern boundary of our town (for all of a half-mile) which parallels a city park, so we deal with the railroad for beautification/nuisance issues, and one of our part-time police officers is FT police at Grand Trunk. They have statewide jurisdiction, but as mentioned, are spread very thinly and are happy to turn things over to the local/county officers. (Fun fact--when you call the number posted on a RR crossing you end up in their dispatch center 24/7...every RR crossing has a specific serial number so they can pinpoint).

The budgets for the railway police are miniscule compared to the rest of the railroad, so it's not out of the range of possibility that UP missed the fact that they were losing staff/laying off staff etc and now are catching up.
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