Another Shaw's to close

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Another Shaw's to close

Post by cathandler »

This time it's the Westbrook, Maine location which has been starved of capex and staffing for years. Tellingly, it's the only location in the district that didn't get DriveUp & Go. The new Market Basket across the street finished it off. ... ook-store/ ... next-month
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Re: Another Shaw's to close

Post by storewanderer »

Not a bad looking store, looks like it used to do quite well.

Not real surprising Market Basket did them in. With the Safeway style of marginal quality (which doesn't work well in low volume stores with freshness issues) at terrible prices that the entire Albertsons group has adopted, not a real good formula against Market Basket with its very aggressive pricing on also marginal quality but very high turnover helping the marginal quality seem as good as it possibly can be.

Pricing is a huge liability for this Safeway/Albertsons group and the pricing moves they have made over the past few months and keep making every week, are going to really hurt. Unless we are headed for 30% food inflation (I don't think we are), they have really missed the mark.
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