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Re: Target 2022

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There are 3 stores nearby which I visit; two smaller/less affluent and one slightly larger/more affluent. Neither of the smaller stores is anywhere near this bad. The slightly larger store is distinctly worse than the other two (in-stocks, etc) and the clientele is unpleasant...definitely my least favored of the 3. The better of the two smaller stores was a relocation about 10 years ago from an original market-entry store (the other one is an original market store).
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Re: Target 2022

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ClownLoach wrote: September 22nd, 2022, 11:47 am

My guess is that the backroom is throwing up freight out every door except the ones that lead onto the sales floor. That store is so hopelessly behind on getting the merchandise out to the floor that they're probably missing sales plan by heavy double digits each week which means that they have to cut labor to make payroll despite the work not being done. It is in a death spiral. Then the best employees leave because they're mad that their hours are being cut due to the fact that their coworkers are lazy. The rest stand around because the managers are overwhelmed and don't know what to fix first because the whole store is broken. They are probably behind on plano grams too which means they can't even fix the freight backlog because many new items are piled up but they don't have a home on the (empty) sales floor yet. So they have to reset the empty aisles before they can stock them with merchandise. They need to fire every manager in the store and start from scratch then they have to invest a boatload of payroll to get the broken store caught up.

There is one Target near me that is not quite this bad but it is a very low volume SuperTarget, and it is obvious that they struggle to get the freight out. They're always last to set new seasonal and frequently I find markdowns have automatically posted despite the shelf labels and item stickers not being changed. It's definitely not a well run store but it doesn't look anything like this Reno disaster.

The model of "make sales or cut labor hours" has probably created more broken stores for retailers than any other recent labor practice. Retailers have probably lost more sales and profit from the resulting broken stores and cost of fixing them than they would if they just gave the stores a fixed labor budget each week and left them alone.
The store has heavy foot traffic on weekends. Typically 25-50% of the cars in the lot have CA plates since it is the only Target in Reno. There is 1 Target in Sparks also (also high traffic, again many CA plates in the lot). I went to Sparks last night. It was actually worse than the Reno Store in terms of mess level in clothing, but the home areas were a bit better stocked (let's say they had 70% in stock); the Sparks Store was also rather dirty with various stains and spills all over the floors in hardlines and around grocery/pet. Cosmetics/drug was similarly poorly stocked (probably a bunch of theft). Produce stocked but half of it should have been thrown away. My theory is these people from CA come to Reno expecting Targets like back home and what they end up with is very substandard so they buy less than planned then stop going out of their way to patronize Target going forward after a few bad visits.

Reno Target did change its Store Director in May 2022 (and that Store Director did not move to another Target...)... but the store looks just as terrible as it did before, if not even worse, at this time. Really it is no different now than it was a year ago. So the problems must be beyond the control of the average Store Director.

Many businesses are settling with employees and management now that are not executing well because they can't find anyone else. Then new employees come in and develop the same bad habits as the existing poorly executing employees and management. This is happening at various businesses all over Reno and is not limited to retail by any means.
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