Shell to buy Western Canada Sobeys gas operations

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  • SamSpade wrote: August 8th, 2023, 3:53 pm
    Brian Lutz wrote: August 8th, 2023, 7:23 am How widespread is Kroger's partnership with Shell for fuel points? I know in Washington the fuel points from Fred Meyer and QFC were usable at Fred Meyer and Shell stations, but here in North Carolina even though there are a fair number of Shell stations around the Harris Teeter fuel points are redeemable at BP stations. I think points from Smith's stores in Utah can be redeemed at Shell stations as well but there's a lot less of those in Utah than in Washington.
    I looked at the Fred Meyer site and while it will show Harris Teeter stores in NC, when you try to filter to "fuel" it rejects that notion so clearly the Kroger - Shell promotion isn't valid there.
    Google is your friend. The small print is that Divisions handle this differently, although the Kroger website doesn't entire make that clear: H-T seems to partner with BP/Amoco throughout their range: This seems to have affected other alliances--Giant used to partner with BP, but now partners with Shell.
  • Fry’s has just announced they are ending their fuel rewards partnership with Circle K, the one with Shell continues. Probably because of Circle K’s own rewards programs.