Walmart observations

Predicting the demise of Sears & Kmart since 2017!
  • I suspect Albuquerque is a tough place to operate. It is the one place where I feel a bit of ...menace... driving through and stopping for gas/snacks just west of the big Interstate interchange (I-40 and 25)...the Coors Blvd exit. Feels uncomfortable and dystopian at the same time--the gas station we normally use has rest rooms in a separated building (a QuikTrip would go down so well there). I imagine that the suburban areas are quite lovely, but the central corridor is not a pleasant place to be.
  • I have seen Walmart stores add self checkout machines and then months later remove most of them in the San Francisco Bay Area. The theft rate is so high that manned checkouts are the only way to keep people from robbing the store blind.

    These neighborhoods are really scary with dangerous and dishonest people.

    Costco is wary about self checkout in this area. Sometimes the self checkouts are not even open.

    Some Safeway stores do not have self checkout. They have a walled off liquor department with its own cashier to keep people from stealing the alcohol.