Domino's Opened Full Sized Dining Room

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Re: Domino's Opened Full Sized Dining Room

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steps wrote: November 29th, 2019, 7:39 pm
Funny thing is, Domino's was the worse of the brands 15 years or so ago. We always ordered Pizza Hut until 5 or so years ago. Pizza Hut is overpriced and greasy for what it is. Domino's is usually very fresh and has a great flavor. It might vary by location but, I've never been dissatisfied with Domino's every since the revamp.

We still have Shakey;s which hasn't changed in the 30+ years I've been going there. They are all dine in, have the buffet and even an mini arcade. There aren't many around so I don't get a chance to go often.

I've seen a few Round Table Pizza around and have fond memories of them from childhood but, never really had the urge to eat at one as an adult.
Pizza Hut seems to be pretty awful. Too much vegetable oil and artificial butter like flavoring on the pans or something. Also their cheese and pepperoni is nauseating somehow.

I was impressed by the flavor of what I got from the newly opened Domino's a while back. It was by no means gourmet or great, but it wasn't bad. The sauce was pretty good and the cheese and toppings were acceptable quality. The pizza was baked all the way and assembled neatly.

Round Table... I don't know what happened to that place. I used to think it was a cut above the others. Either my tastes changed or their quality went way downhill. They are also about double the cost.

In Sparks, NV there is a former Shakey's franchise running as an independent and they claim to still use the old recipe. It doesn't taste the same as the Shakey's in Oroville, CA so something must have changed. But whatever it is the place in Sparks has, it is truly excellent pizza if someone likes thin crust and spicy sauce.

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Re: Domino's Opened Full Sized Dining Room

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Domino's seems to have improved their product. There was a time I would not even think about ordering their pizza. I do occasionally order them as they seem to have a decent affordable pizza. Pizza Hut on the other hand is by far the most "manufactured" tasting pizza to me. I rarely go there.

I sometimes do worry though about some of the local pizza joints surviving long term. They have better pizza but are getting spendy even when you factor that in.

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Re: Domino's Opened Full Sized Dining Room

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I don't think Domino's is really that bad given the price. I haven't had Little Caear's in a long time so can't really say. Hungry Howie's is pretty good.

I used to like Pizza Hut the best but the quality of their pizza lately just isn't what I remember. They used to be my favorite and probably still are, but it's not by a large margin.

To me the best chain pizza I've had was actually Cici's. They also made great dessert pizzas and the buffet was always filled and fresh. The location I visited was in another town and only lasted a couple of years, which was surprising to me.

I'm also surprised they haven't opened a location where I live. It would do well I think due to families.

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