McDonald's Brings Back Bagel Sandwiches

  • Before COVID, there were a few franchises that still had the bagel sandwiches, complete with the “breakfast sauce”.
  • Alpha8472 wrote: August 7th, 2022, 2:44 am McDonald's brings back breakfast bagel sandwiches in some states such as Ohio for a limitedtime. The breakfast bagel sandwiches come in steak, egg, & cheese, bacon, egg, & cheese, or sausage, egg, & cheese, or egg & cheese.

    Do people like bagels more than muffins? This test might just prove that the company should stick to muffins.
    Seems a fair number of people liked the steak one, and that is not offered as a muffin (as far as I know) - the others could be duplicated on a muffin.
  • I ordered one today for breakfast (it's currently free with $1 Minimum spend App coupon in my area)...absolutely disgusting. Extremely chewy generic bagel and flavorless sausage and eggs. It made the breakfast bagel sandwiches at Dunkin' seem like gourmet cuisine in comparison.
  • Do they not have any taste testers? If they are going to have a new sandwich at least make it taste good.