Costco heavily pushing Executive Memberships in store?

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Re: Costco heavily pushing Executive Memberships in store?

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storewanderer wrote: September 22nd, 2022, 11:18 pm

I wonder if there is a good way to quantify how much they are losing with "shared memberships" at self checkout. They should do some tests on that. Basically require verification of photo on the card at a location or two's self checkouts for an entire day and see how much membership sharing takes place and also pay attention to how many carts get abandoned when the customer notices someone is checking the photo on the card because I think those abandons could safely be assumed as membership share attempts. This type of monitoring would measure just how often this happens. Is it happening 5 times a day out of 1,000+ transactions (I have to assume there was membership sharing happening at full service lanes before too; the photos on the cards are awful and if Bob Smith in his 50's with grayish hair balding gives his card to Ed Jones who looks rather similar and comes in and pays cash at a cashier nobody is going to detect that either...) or is it happening 50 times in a day with very pervasive attempts like a female customer shopping alone trying to use Bob Smith's card... or people scanning pictures of other people's cards and not even having a card...
Costco is probably not looking at cards as closely as in the past. During Covid, they changed to a policy where they scan the card with the scan gun from a distance. To this day they are enforcing that and I have been told by cashiers that they are still not allowed to physically touch the cards. Costco's card pictures are terrible and look like a bad convict mugshot in their best form. In theory, somebody could get away with using someone else's card in self checkout if they (computer or manager) aren't monitoring cameras and somebody is paying cash. And then you have the fact that membership is not required with a gift card.
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Re: Costco heavily pushing Executive Memberships in store?

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ClownLoach wrote: September 22nd, 2022, 12:05 pm For some TVs it was extending the warranty up to 7 years at no extra cost, a tremendous bargain when you see shady practices at other electronics stores that want more than 1/3rd of the price of the TV for a couple of extra years (and now some of those extended warranty plans come with deductibles and have a cap on claims! They're definitely not a... best buy... If you purchase one of these new low end plans from certain unnamed unscrupulous retailers). But how often does the customer need a new TV or refrigerator?
Hmm, the "unnamed" retailer may not be quite as unnamed as it was supposed to be? ;)
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