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Addie's Drive Up Grocer

Posted: January 29th, 2023, 11:05 am
by arizonaguy
Looks like this is a new concept for a pickup only supermarket. ... UvoXmrJZak

I read somewhere that they eventually want to scale this up to 2000 stores nationwide.

While I do think there is a market for this most conventional supermarkets, Walmart, Target, etc. already offer this service and I'm not sure that there is enough volume for a pickup only store (similarly to where I think that the Ocado warehouses will never do enough volume to do what they were originally intended to, which is why some in areas serviced by Kroger they are actually fulfilling store pickup orders at the Ocado warehouse).

Re: Addie's Drive Up Grocer

Posted: January 29th, 2023, 7:08 pm
by storewanderer
The size of 22k square feet is too small, I assume they will order from a wholesaler so how will pricing be? Private label? Fresh products? If they want to be "nationwide" they need a distribution network. Why shop them vs. a larger grocery chain with more SKUs?

Re: Addie's Drive Up Grocer

Posted: January 30th, 2023, 9:02 am
by ClownLoach
First off, what a terrible article. Clearly the person writing hasn't set foot in a store in years either and has no clue how things work. A "massive" selection of 4500 SKUs? I'm pretty sure a RaceTrac or Wawa has 4500 SKUs and they don't rent a 22,000 square foot building for them. A CVS probably has 20,000 SKUs in a 15,000 Sq ft building. This store sounds like too small of a selection in too large of a building, and I do understand that there are no customers inside which should mean even more SKUs in less space.

This is someone who has more money than brains who thinks they can somehow solve the problem Amazon couldn't. They expect that will grow to 2000+ stores with a labor intensive model of 38 employees at a high wage will work? Maybe if they can get every conventional grocer and the town Walmart to close all at once.

This just doesn't add up well. Pun intended.